Fantasia Painter
Feb 15, 2019 - Update
1. Fix important issues first, before new features
2. ...deciding based on customer feedback...
3. Secret feature

Current Version: 1.28
Status: Gathering public feedback since Jul 16, 2018...
Item Status
Fix important issues 95% done
Crop Ready
Settings 20% done
Banner ads Ready
New Image Background Ready
Text and Symbols Ready
Clone Ready
Paint brushes Ready
Makeup brushes Ready
New capabilities (to be announced) Ready
Smudge Ready
Most effects (except see below) Ready
Known Issues
App crashes after editing 600+ images
Slow first time startup on iPhone
Missing Features
Fairy Lights, 3D Objects, Secret features, Stickers, Borders, Tattoo, Settings, Translations

Next Update:
Status: started
Working on:
Color eyedropper