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June 26, 2016

Fantasia Painter Updated with 3D objects, High Resolution Support, and Windows 10 Look

It's a first on Windows Phone - you can embed naturally looking 3D objects with perfect shadows on your phone within seconds.

Powerful editing enables you to recolor, blend, rotate in 3D, and erase parts of your objects to make them look like part of your picture.

The birth of a butterfly

The best thing? All Windows Phones running the 8, 8.1, and 10 OS have the functionality. It works great on the cheaper Lumia 520 as well as its big siblings Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

Done on Lumia 520 Video

Fantasia Painter's developers partnered with PixelSquid (, a branch of TurboSquid, the world's leading marketplace for fantastic looking 3D models to bring several of their hundreds of objects into Fantasia Painter.

"Even though we only have 6 objects, this is just the start. Please let us know what other objects we should be adding," asks Nokola on Facebook.
"I was dazzled by PixelSquid's amazing technology that enables 2D artists to easily bridge the gap to high-quality 3D.

I saw the about page on their website 'We think 3D is one of the most flexible and powerful mediums out there, and we want everyone to be able to experience that power - without having to learn any new tools.'

Their vision perfectly resonated with Fantasia Painter's: 'There is an artist in each of us. We just need the right tools to show it.' I knew PixelSquid is a perfect match to the app. It's exciting to see what things are being created with it!"

Other additions include support for high resolution image saving. You can enable it in Settings if your phone has at least 2GB of RAM. You will have to re-open your hi-res painting afterwards for the change to take effect.

Last but not least is refreshed look for Windows 10.

"We used

1. iOS9 icons

2. A mix with Windows Phone 10 interaction

3. Some color for more important tasks. I intend to keep it the same across all platforms. Hopefully you like it:)"

Visual Refresh

The developer is working hard to bring the application to Android and Windows 10 Desktop platforms, publishing monthly updates on progress.

Android Video 1

Android Video 2

Android Video 3

PixelSquid is built by the team behind TurboSquid, the worlds leading marketplace for 3D models. They are making 3D easier to access for everyone.

Learn more at

Fantasia Painter is a top-rated paint application on the Windows Phone store. Please send feedback for the developer in comments, on Facebook, or within the app!

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